Our Services

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with prompt and efficient support to address any inquiries.

Door Supervisors

Well trained – SIA Licence Door Supervisors, Security Guards and Close Protection Officers to licensed nightclubs, restaurants and bars within the London’s West End.

Special Events Security

GSS supplies special events safety and security management team that have a wealth of experience in overseeing various live events throughout London and Europe.

Close Protection

Our close protection operatives, bodyguards and security chauffeurs are fully qualified, highly trained and SIA registered.

Education Premises

To support this, we have developed an initiative to help reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and gang related violence in these environments.

Property Protection

We understand the importance of protecting business and residential properties. That’s why we work hard to understand the factors behind crime and what it means to feel safe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are constantly monitoring and improving our contribution to making our environment healthier, cleaner and safer for our staff, customers, and  local community.

Our trained, uniformed Security Guard Patrols create a high profile presence. This does not only serve as a deterrent but can also be extremely helpful in the early identification of possible problems.

We operate a fleet of fully marked security vehicles, each fitted with the most up to date tracker technology, providing additional support to manned guarding; and can be used alongside remote monitoring technology to give a useful alternative to the presence of a static guard. All visits to your premises, by our Security Guard Patrols are automatically recorded, and arranged to be at irregular times so as not to create a noticeable pattern that could be exploited by criminal elements. The movements completed by our Security Guard Patrols are monitored real time in our 24hour, 365 day a year control room and can also be viewed by Operations Managers in real time via their laptop computer. Historical data can also be viewed, and shared with the customer, to show that patrols are being performed in line with customers’ requirements.

All our Security Guard Patrols are given additional training and our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to ensure safety, and a reliable service. We also consider environmental issues, hence we are currently in the process of replacing our existing fleet of vehicle used by our Security Guard Patrols with the latest hybrid and LPG vehicles.