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Quality and professionalism are integrated in our organisation by making it our core mission, vision and value statement. This is the reason that we are one of the leading security companies.

With a culture of continued professional development, we promise to provide the best-trained team. Prioritising health and safety and the wellbeing of our people, we understand what if we look after our team, they will look after you.


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All operatives provided by GSS are friendly, approachable and will always remain professional in any circumstance. We have been described as having a presence without being over powering and having the correct balance of visibility to be reassuring if in the event we were needed to assist.  

Whatever task has been set for security a major aspect GSS work towards is making sure you our client and in turn your client are happy and as stress free as possible at least regarding the security aspect of the event. This might be something simple like a friendly welcoming face helping with a guest list making sure that only your invited guests are in attendance or it may be something more challenging like dealing with uninvited guests or a guest who has an issue that has escalated to involvement of security. 

With our many years in the security industry and specifically corporate events we pride ourselves in being able to work as a team with a total focus on the guests experience and satisfaction while at the event being our top priority.  

We strongly believe that providing security personal is the easy part, what is more challenging is being able to provide the correct personnel be it a bespoke team or an individual who will work along side the events team gaining a full understanding as to what is expected from them.  

We listen to our client’s, we ask questions, we observe so we can adapt and are able to provide a unique service, building longstanding business relationships.  No two clients are the same and no two events are either and incidents have to be handled in many different ways, therefore we make sure our personal are adaptable, alert and vigilant at all times, whilst providing a calming and welcoming outward manor.  

All the operatives provided are fully licenced in accordance with SIA (Security Industry Authority) regulations and many hold further qualifications such as health and safety and advanced first aid. 

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